Ronak has been interested in tattoo artistry as long as he can remember. From an early age he knew that he was going to be a tattoo artist. Art has always been a passion in Ronak’s life since his childhood. Whether he was drawing instead of taking notes in school, or making paintings with spray paint and markers, he has always been trying to enhance his artistic abilities.

The New Jersey native attended high school in his hometown of Nutley.  He then went on to study graphic design in NYC. After aquiring his associates degree in graphic design, and working in the field for close to two years, Ronak knew it was time to go out and follow through with making his dream of becoming a tattoo artist a reality.

In October of 2013 Ronak started his apprenticeship at Body and Soul Tattoo. From creating tattoo flash, helping out around the shop, and doing supervised tattoos as an apprentice, he quickly realized that his passion was definitely his calling in life.

Ronak is an artist in our Philadelphia shop and also our Jersey City shops by appointment. He enjoys all types of tattoo art, but does not want to limit himself to only doing one specific style. He wants to continually better himself in all aspects as a tattoo artist.

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