Unusual Facts About People With Tattoos

Given the amount of lore and culture associated with tattoos from contemporary modern expressionism to ancient art, there are numerous reasons why people get tattoos Image and video hosting by TinyPic  and reasons why they don’t. Let’s take a closer look at the number of people in America that choose to get tattoos.

According to an online survey conducted by Harris Interactive in 2012, out of 2016 adult Americanssurveyed, the results were as follows:

One in every five adults in the United States had a tattoo. This number represented a percentage of 21%, which had significantly increased from 14% and 16% in a survey conducted in 2003 and 2008 respectively.

In terms of geographical location, tattoos were more prevalent in the West; with about 26% of the individuals having tattoos. The remainder percentages were of the South at 18%, East at 21% and the Midwest at 21%.

What Tattooees Think About Their Ink

Statistics of individuals with tattoos were also quite interesting, as about 86% of the sample said that they never regretted their decision to get a tattoo. Out of these, 30% of the people also admitted that tattoos make them feel sexier. One-quarter or 25% of the sample also believed that tattoos made them feel rebellious. About 21% of the people believed it made them feel stronger and more attractive while 16% of the people said that it made them feel more spiritual. Others felt more athletic (5%), intelligent (8%), and even healthier (9%).

What People without Tattoos Think

On the flip side, 2 in 5 people without tattoos believed that tattoos made people less attractive. Meanwhile, one-quarter of them said that people who get tattoos aren’t that bright which is why they make that decision in the first place. This also included those people who get tattoos based on health or spiritual aspects. Aside from the survey, even today, people who are against tattoos perceive people with tattoos to be aggressive or rebellious, while the perception of a person’s strength because of a tattoo makes no difference.

This general perception of those with tattoos is regarded as a double standard and even publicly highlighted. Other types of body modifications like Botox, plastic surgery, breast implants, colored hair and fake nail extensions are accepted, even embraced by the society. Similarly, people that choose to get tattoos, simply see tattoos as a form of beautification. Despite that, the number one reason why people get tattoos in America is to honor their loved ones.

This double standard in different forms of body modification actually impacts the career of tattooed people. The greatest impact on the lives of people who prefer ink is the limited job opportunities available to them.

Numerous companies turn down perfectly qualified and capable individuals because they don’t like the idea of tattoos in their work place. But establishments and organizations are realizing the error of their ways and changing their policies accordingly.

Disney recently altered their recruitment policies as well as dress code to accommodate staff that has tattoos; the reason behind it was that Disney couldn’t find enough skilled staff without them. However, while the professional environment may be changing gradually, the general perception of people still remains the same.

What do you think about YOUR ink?

source:Tattoo Artist Magazine

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