Are Tattoos too Expensive in New York?

Tattooing has been a Eurasian practice since at least since Neolithic times. While it’s hard to say exactly where and for what purpose the first tattoos were created, today they are primarily a form of body enhancement and even a personality enhancer!
From the Hollywood elite, to the pure artists expressing their creativity, to the men and women in the armed forces, over 40 million Americans have enhanced their bodies with tattoos.
Given how much can go wrong when putting something permanent on your body, the general notion that getting a tattoo is an expensive affair makes a lot of sense – you want it right, you want it safe, you want it beautiful and you only get one chance to get it perfect!

Tattoo studios in New York City consider their tattoo pricing critical, owing to their demand, clientele and/or the excessive cost to rent a shop at street level.
NY Magazine claims that Tattoo studios in New York City charge anywhere from 200$ – 2000$ per hour!
Exorbitant Tattoo pricing can shock a patron who walks in hoping for a custom sleeve, and instead walks out with nothing more then a small tattoo on their forearm. If you are smiling or nodding right now, then you know what we’re talking about.
Whether they have T.R.D. (Tattoo Rockstar Disease) or the rent they pay in Manhattan prevents them from being able to offer you a reasonable price, you do have other options.

Body and Soul Tattoos

Yep! Body and Soul Tattoos, located in Jersey City, has affordable yet impressive tattoo pricing with established professional Tattoo Artists, as well as junior artists who can be very flexible in their pricing.

Body and Soul has been open for 11 years and was actually the very first tattoo shop ever opened in Jersey City. Being located just off the Grove Street PATH train and just outside the Holland Tunnel has made Body and Soul a wonderfully priced alternative to being price gouged in Manhattan.


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