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We stole this post… I mean, ‘”repurposed” this post from our sister company, New York Tattoo School. Some really cool fonts to look at:

 Deciding on a font for your tattoo may seem like a daunting task, especially for first-timers; even though your tattoo font should be selected based on design and readability, you ultimately want something that you’ll remain in love with for a lifetime. Here are some examples of stunning tattoo font styles that you might want to consider:

If you want to go for a nostalgic feel for your piece, look for–or ask your artist about–archetypal tattoo fonts. With this text style, your tattoo will be paying homage to the more antiquated tattoos of yesteryear (i.e. stick-and-poke, Sailor Jerry-styles).

bastardexample.jpeg gentsexample sleepisfortheweekexample-resized-600.jpeg

Another fairly classic style, script writing is the definition of beauty and elegance, and will add a touch of sophistication to any tattoo. Also, the free-flowing nature of the letters’ ascenders and descenders can be easily customized by your tattoo artist; if he/she is willing, it might be a possibility to collaborate on creating your own custom script tattoo font.

This “Impress Only Yourself” tattoo was done by Derick Montez at Picture Machine Tattoo


If you’re looking for something more understated for your tattoo, a simplistic typeface may suffice. You can easily find a font you love on your computer! These tattoo fonts provide a very matter-of-fact, stamped-on look that is becoming popular among “ink-junkies.”

This “Always” tattoo was done at Big Deluxe Tattoo in Salt Lake City, Utah



If you find that no existing font appeals to you, or you feel that no font is a true fit for your tattoo’s meaning, opt for a handwritten word written either by you or a loved one. Your artist will be able to trace the handwriting so that it can be transferred unto your body. A handwritten tattoo is truly special because it is personalization taken to the highest degree.

dareexmples-resized-600.jpeg loveexamples-resized-600.jpeg lucyexample-resized-600.jpeg

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