Dragon Tattoos – All Different Types and Meanings

Dragon Tattoos are becoming ever popular in today’s culture. There are a ton of different styles of dragons to choose from for tattoos. Your may even want to create your own by taking a base design and building on it. You might create something completely unique and your own.

Tribal Dragons
Tribal Tattoos are symbolic of many things. Originally used as a type of camouflage and to praise the sun, they later evolved into an identification of loyalty to a particular tribe. Tribal dragon tattoos are seen to be associated with strength and power.  There are different types of tribal dragon designs from eastern, western and imperial influence. Depending on the type of dragon, the meaning can change from kindheartedness to evil to wisdom.


European Dragons
Dragons have reptile traits and are a large part of many myths over different cultures. European dragons are often thought to live in water and in underground caves. They have hard skin and can fly so scales and wings are often traits of these mythical creatures. Dragon Tattoos can be done in this style to be seen as a more realistic version of a dragon.

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Oriental Dragons
Oriental dragon tattoos are a based on fantasy and creativity and are often lively and sometimes colorful designs. Oriental dragons often symbolize compassion and are thought to protect, grant fertility and to bring good fortune.


Cute Dragon
Dragons don’t always have to be realistic or mythological. Some people opt for a “cuter” version of dragon tattoos. The cuter look is great for women or even to add to sleeve work. If you’re looking for a less masculine look, this is the version you may want to opt for with the cartoon like elements and color options.


here are so many different types of dragons through different stories and myths across all of the different cultures of our world. With so many different dragons there are equally as many opportunities to combine styles and create something unique to you and your style. What are some of the styles of dragon tattoos that you like or have?

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