Infected Tattoo, What to do?

You’ve just got an awesome tattoo at Body and Soul Tattoo in New Jersey, and you can’t wait for it to heal. But wait, what’s that? An infection has somehow crept its way into your new ink, despite your diligence with its aftercare. Once the first signs of infection has shown up, don’t ignore it and think it will heal on its own. Instead, take immediate action to keep the infected tattoos from becoming sepsis, which is really something you don’t want to mess with.

Be aware of the signs of infected tattoos. Your tattoo artist at Body and Soul knows the difference between simply irritated skin and actual infection, so if you’re not sure, contact him or her first before cooling your heels in the doctor’s waiting room over nothing. Infection typically shows up as red, irritated skin that is hot and tender to the touch, which is different from the irritation that comes with a tattoo. Pockets of puss can also form, which need to be drained, preferably by a professional.

Always keep infected tattoos as dry as possible. A moist environment is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, so keeping the area clean and dry is of the utmost importance after the 2nd day following your new tattoo.

If you find that your infected is getting worse, you need to see a doctor ASAP. Chances are you need aggressive medical intervention to prevent yourself from getting very sick, and possibly wind up in the hospital. 

Always be proactive with an infected tattoo. Not doing so can be very dangerous indeed.

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